A man attempts to stop protesters from engaging with police in riot gear in front of the Baton Rouge Police Department headquarters after police attempted to clear the street in Baton Rouge, La., Saturday, July 9, 2016. Several protesters were arrested. (AP Photo/Max Becherer)

I’m personally tired of all the marching the shouting and damage to your own neighborhood (that was my baby girl bus stop you destroyed!) just to walk across the street passed a random black man I don’t know to mug me like he hate me! O that’s crazy huh? Or why do our sisters just hate on each other just because one sister is succeeding? Or how about a sister who look good to you and you muster the courage and she mug you and call you a lame because of this or that reason? 

Usually the cloths you wear or car you drive or how you speak to her. What about listening to your parents argue all growing up never seeing a positive family image? Or not having parents? Or just never see a positive family relationship?Maybe that ain’t you right? Your Dad was great and Mom was always there to encourage you to be great and you just have no idea that black people have a self hate that you can feel walking onto a bus full of them! (BY THE WAY we run Marta and fund their operations thus have the power to destroy them) So this might not be true to you. 

But, I personally am tired of walking by some random black male or female who automatically disrespects me or can’t even say hello! How can we be mad at police who kill us over nothing when we kill MORE OF OUR OWN OVER DRUGS AND RANDOM “NIGGA MOMENTS” every day. If you count the deaths by drug crime, and abortions by our own sons and daughters daily, the numbers do not even equate at all.


We harm ourselves more than what any other does to us. The moment we realize this as a whole and work on it we will exemplify the love needed for us to grow.I wish not to march anymore, i wish not to loot anything. I wish we can just say hello today to each other, maybe destroy any and everything that is destructive to us, whether it be food, music, or culture. 

If it speaks of shooting a black man commonly called “nigga” laying down with his woman, breaking into his home or bragging that one is better than him THAT is poison that needs to be burned. My thought is that we can not build with people whom we do not like. if we do not start with liking each other then we should not expect others to like, respect or care for us…..B U T……..D I D  U  E V E N  R E A D  T H I S  F A R?

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